Construction Administration

 ALR 's CA is:

Responsive, Proactive , and Attentive to the needs of our projects when they go into the Construction Phase. Our high % of repeat customers attest to our care for the project and the owner through the entire construction phase. 

 I had the opportunity in 2011 to work with Bill Ashlin and ALR Architecture on the  Kennedy Building Renovation project here at UNCC. They were quite professional and it was mainly due to their proactive attitude and attention to detail that the project was such a success. The Contractor was new and inexperienced and added attention was required to keep the project moving forward and the quality consistent.

The project was finished on time and within budget thanks to the added attention provided by ALR Architects. I would highly recommend them for any project you have at UNCC that their services might be needed.

W. Stephen Burt|Facilities Architectural Planner
UNC Charlotte|Facilities Management