I have worked with Bill Ashlin AIA, Kent Reid AIA and Min Lee AIA for over 15 years .  Projects they were responsible for ranged from small yet intensive renovation projects up to new high school projects with budgets of $45 million.  During that time and on multiple projects. I found all three to be very responsive to client needs and technically excellent in putting together institutional  facility projects.

I would not hesitate to use any of the three principles of ALR Architecture as designer for future projects.

John K. Boal AIA
Assistant Director Design Services
UNC Charlotte

We have engaged the services of Bill Ashlin of ALR Architecture on several of our office expansion projects in the past few years. We are proud to be repeat clients and find their Architectural and Quality Assurance Services to be reliable, responsive and professional. 

We would offer our highest recommendation for their services.

H. George Kurani
Managing Partner

 I recommend ALR Architecture for any school renovations and /or new building projects. They are very accomplished Architects and good at the services they provide.


 I highly recommend giving them every consideration for your educational facility projects...

Gene Miller

Assistant Superintendent

Rowan Salisbury Schools 

 I had the opportunity in 2011 to work with Bill Ashlin and ALR Architecture on the  Kennedy Building Renovation project here at UNCC. They were quite professional and it was mainly due to their proactive attitude and attention to detail that the project was such a success. The Contractor was new and inexperienced and added attention was required to keep the project moving forward and the quality consistent.


 The project was finished on time and within budget thanks to the added attention provided by ALR Architects. I would highly recommend them for any project you have  at UNCC that their services might be needed.


W. Stephen Burt|Facilities Architectural Planner
UNC Charlotte|Facilities Management

Innovative Fibers, LLC has hired ALR Architects on our most recent additional/renovation projects for our facilities located in Spartanburg, SC, in which ended summer of 2008.  We have added a 3-story, 38,000 square foot building to our existing building.  ALR Architects performed with complete satisfaction on our complets of $3.6 million addition/renovation project.  Min Lee, AIA, who headed the architectural design, was promptly responsive to to the changes that the project requires during a design.  ALR Architect was dedicated highly on the project's needs and excellent communication during the construction phase.

We would highly recommend ALR Architects for a design project.


Joseph Ku
Director of Operations

Innovative Fibers, LLC

I would highly recommend A.L.R. Architecture to a company looking to partner with an architectural firm for any building project.  They will certainly be at the top of our list for future projects.


Leah Beckham
Director of Operations