CDC Roybal Campus Occupation Health Clinic Renovation

Center of Disease Control and Prevention

Budget: $3.5M

Description: This project includes design for renovation of the Roybal Clinic located in Building 16 first floor. With growth of CDC the operation of OHC has become challenging to maintain its demands. The facility lacks adequate space, acoustics, inconsistent heating and cooling in certain part of the facility. The patient exam rooms are too small to fit EKG machine. The nurses’ station is nonfunctional with its present location and configuration. Reception area requires separate area for collection of patients’ information and to maintain patient’s privacy and confidentiality.

The design is to renovate the existing Clinic located on north east side of the first-floor lobby, south west of lobby, an unfinished area by the Cafeteria kitchen of Building 16 in the CDC Roybal Campus.

Scope of the project includes design for renovation of the CDC Royal Campus Occupational Health Clinic to improve its operational efficiency and increasing demands.