2022 AA-00010-19 Design Operation & Ready Building, FNBC SURT (PRC)

Fort Bragg MICC DPW

Scope: The Scope of Work for this project is providing two separate building to support the SURT program. One building is housing for trainees and Cadre. The second building is for training and instruction.

Budget: $1.8 M

Housing Building

Trainee Bunk Room: Accommodations for 76 trainees

Cadre Bunk Room: Accommodations for 12 Cadre

Men’s Latrine

Women’s Latrine

Drip-Dry Room


Training Building

Instruction Room: Room for 76 trainees and desks/chairs.

Cadre Meeting Room: Accommodates 12.

Cadre Offices

Break Area

Storage Room

Cadre Latrines